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New Handmade Enamel Jewelry

big blue and green teardrop enamel earrings in an ombre  pattern      Enamel Teardrop Earrings
Urban tribal necklace in textured aqua enamel    Urban Tribal Necklace
Long aqua enamel teardrop earrings in a metallic finish       Shimmery Teardrop Earrings
Blue ombre geometric enamel breastplate necklace    Enamel Breastplace Necklace

Orange and yellow stylized monarch butterfly earrings

Welcome to the on-line gallery Oxalis Jewelart. Here you will find original works of art in the form of handcrafted jewelry. And you may also recognize the ambitions of a life-long watercolor artist as they are now expressed in the dimension of wearable art.

Oxalis Jewelart is the tradename of my unique silver jewelry, sculpture-inspired bronze jewelry, and colorful beaded bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. The Ox Art Jewelry collections of enamel jewelry, contemporary jewelry (mixed metal jewelry) and bohemian jewelry made their appearance in 2010 on the Etsy website, where I sell original creations in copper, bronze and silver. My handmade enamel jewelry is also now available on the Ox Art Jewelry website.

The creator of one-of-a-kind pieces of Art Jewelry seeks to go beyond the constraints of design and style, and toward some new self-defined criterion of innovative distinction. In this sense, only handcrafted jewelry can have both powerful visual appeal and intellectual content. For therein resides a kind of beauty that cannot be recreated by a machine. Authenticity is something that cannot be faked. What can be more enchanting than something that springs from the imagination and is given form as an inimitable piece of art?

Taupe and gray textured enamel fringed necklace

The artist's goal is to always pique the senses in some unique, meaningful, and memorable way. For me, the process of creating wearable art almost always involves the rendition of traditional, organic or natural objects, but in ways that might be unexpected. It is this sense of surprise that appeals to our sensibilities, provokes the smile, or evokes a memory.

Symmetry and perfection play only supporting roles in these creations. More important are the values of balance, contradiction, and understatement. For it is the art of nature not to conform, or to imitate, but to be original, authentic, and genuine. Look for the uniqueness in each Oxalis and Ox Art Jewelry creation. Explore its individuality. And if you find that it evokes in you that sense of the ordinary made extraordinary, then you will also be rewarded with a timeless treasure that belongs only to you.

sweet potato leaf necklace in silverUnique Silver Jewelry
Mixed metals bohemian breastplate necklaceBohemian Jewelry
Silver and brass discs dangle earringsContemporary Jewelry
Enamel cuff bracelet in green and blue ombre Original Enamel Jewelry


Comments like these make creating even more fun and rewarding! "Very unique design! Simply stunning!" "Instantly became one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. It's unique and so many people have commented on it!"